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issuing time:2021-03-22

Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, planning, production and sales of automated equipment, active welding equipment, hot press welding heads, electronic products, pneumatic jigs, fixtures, hardware molds and stamping products. Technology companies.


Various precision spot welding heads (spot welding heads, pulse welding heads) produced by our company. This product is used for SMD, coil inductors, chip inductors, connectors and FPC TO PCB / HSC (zebra paper) TO FPC (flexible circuit board) ) / HSC TO LCD /TAB TO PCB Zebra strip TAB and other products welding. Quality assurance, affordable price, won the trust of our customers!he company has a professional team that has received comprehensive skills training, and has a complete set of fine machining equipment to provide customers with one-stop service. After years of hard work and rich experience, the products not only meet the needs of domestic customers, but also hot It is sold in Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places, and has now become a professional supplier of fine welding equipment and electronic products in the industry.With the rapid development of the domestic electronics industry, the requirements for fine welding are becoming higher and higher. The company has always attached importance to foreign advanced fine welding equipment and technology, and domestic fine welding skills are synchronized with the international. Our operating philosophy: l Improve corporate competitiveness with talents, ensure career guidance with innovative skills, and prosper product vitality with excellent quality l Expand brand influence with meticulous service. The company insists on "skills-based, quality-oriented "Promise to the top" is the main theme of the operation.With "customer satisfaction" as the service standard, we sincerely hope to cooperate with new and old customers at home and abroad to create brilliance together!




Advantages of precision spot welding head:


  1. No soldering is required, only 220V/110V AC power is needed, and the soldering meets ROHS lead-free soldering requirements;


  1. It is not necessary to remove paint for welding enameled wires, and the paint removal and welding can be completed at one time;


  1. The resistance of the welding point is small, and the heat is small when passing current;


  1. The solder joints are small, up to 0.1 square millimeter or even smaller, and the solder joints are uniform;


  1. It is fusion welding, resistant to environmental temperature and humidity, and has high reliability in oscillation test;


  1. The transmission loss of high-frequency signals is small, and the distortion rate is small;
  2. High power, within 30 milliseconds of welding process, skilled workers can weld 40 points per minute;


  1. If equipped with an active welding platform, the power is higher and the operation is simpler;


Different types of welding heads are selected according to the different standards and shape requirements of the spot welding objects.Imported materials are selected and produced independently. The materials and standards can be customized according to customer product requirements.It has the advantages of stable quality, fast thermal response time, smooth curve, long service life, and beautiful welding points, and is well received by users at home and abroad.



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