The benefits of precision spot welding tip

issuing time:2021-07-13

1.Stress connection: When the precision spot welding tip is welded at room temperature, the pure solder is a plasticity self-annealing alloy, which can absorb stress in the event of damage and fatigue caused by work hardening or stress cycling. The unique function of this precision spot welding tip for welding enables it to connect materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion, stiffness and strength, without too many typical technical requirements for mechanical assembly parts. For example, the planning of printed circuit boards in terms of stress concentration, material strength, load distribution, and vibration resistance function violates the structural planning guidelines. If there is no soldering connection method and its stress connection ability, it is impossible to have today’s printed circuit boards. If other stress-yielding soldering methods are used, such as brazing, it is very likely to cause damage to the laminates, fall of the circuit bars and The glass-metal seal of the element equipment on the board is damaged.
2.Reliability: Since soft soldering can be welded at a lower temperature, the components and plastics to be welded are usually not deformed or functional deteriorated due to heat.
3.Economical: Because the equipment used for soft soldering of precision spot welding tip is simple, the material is cheap and the soldering process is controllable, so the soldering method is particularly economical. 

The spot welding tip produced by SOUCUA factory has the advantages of stable quality, fast thermal response time, uniform welding, non-stick strontium, beautiful welding surface, long life and so on.

Spot welding heads are specifically in the field of electronic welding. Such as: SMD induction, smart card line country, RF radio frequency card, high frequency communication, electronic module, micro application, solar battery, USB connector, FPC flexible circuit board and various connector modules are welded to the circuit board.

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