Technological innovation platform
”SOUCUA Seiko” has integrated materials in various professional fields such as Pulse Hot Press welding machine, precision welding head, winding machine consumables, integrated mold, and automation accessories, the development and application experience of design, technology, manufacturing, testing and other links have solved a series of industry problems successively.
Pulse hot press welding machine
SOUCUA attaches great importance to environmental protection and actively adopts environmentally friendly materials and processes. Committed to the development and application of energy-saving, environmentally friendly and recyclable production technologies and materials, and strive to achieve green production processes and environmental protection.
Welding head
SOUCUA’s R&D capabilities, application results and intellectual property accumulation have mastered the core technology, improved the service capabilities of the overall solution for the electronic welding industry and the optical evaporation industry, and saved customers' costs and production time.
Integrated mold
SOUCUA adheres to the development strategy of "accumulating energy, independent innovation, key breakthroughs, and overall catch-up", has a continuous innovation platform, and the company's overall innovation capabilities have been recognized by the government.
Inductance winding machine consumables
A complete technological innovation system provides a source of power for enterprise technological development. This unique R&D system realizes the deep integration of innovation and industry, and effectively connects scientific research and development with market demand.

ISO9001-2015 quality management system

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

China Internet Marketing Credit Enterprise

Corporate Intellectual Property
As a high-tech enterprise, SOUCUA attaches great importance to independent innovation and development. SOUCUA was recognized as a provincial "high-tech enterprise" by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. SOUCUA has been exploring how to use high technology to give new connotations to the precision industry and achieve innovation-driven development. As an enterprise with high-tech enterprise qualifications in the industry, SOUCUA adheres to a market-oriented and production-integrated technological innovation path. Every year there are a certain number of invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and foreign patent applications and authorizations.
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