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At present, laser precision spot welding head is mainly used in the shell of electronic products, shielding case, USB interface, conductive patch, etc., with small thermal deformation, accurate and controllable action area and position, high welding quality, it can realize welding of heterogeneous materials, and is easy to realize automation and other advantages. However, when welding different materials, different welding methods need to be adopted. According to the experimental result of many times, laser welding engineers concluded that in the production and manufacturing process of consumer electronics, high reflective materials, metal sheets, what kind of laser precision spot welding head should be used for different materials such as heterogeneous materials to obtain better welding effect. Laser precision spot welding head method of high reflective material. When welding high reverse materials such as aluminum and copper, different welding waveform has a great influence on the welding quality. Using the waveform with a front spike, it can break through the high reflectivity barrier, and the instantaneous peak power can quickly change the state of the metal surface, so that the temperature rises to the melting point, thus reducing the reflectivity of the metal surface, improve energy utilization. In addition, due to the fast heat conduction speed of copper, aluminum and other materials, the appearance of solder joints can be optimized by using the slowly decreasing waveform.
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