ShouChuang Introduction
Origin of development
Headquarters address
China. Guangdong. Dongguan
Core Technology
Pulse hot pressing welding equipment and precision consumables solution.
R & D sales
Pulse hot press welding machine,welding head, Integrated mold, winding machine consumables and automation accessories.

Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. is an innovative, international and technical production supplier ". The core position focuses on "(1) Pulse hot press welding machine (Semi-Automatic hot pressing spot-welder, three-axis platform semi-automatic Hot Press welder, etc.), (2) precision welding head and winding machine consumables (spot welding head, hot pressing welding head, haba head, fixed sheet, activity template, etc.), (3) mold and automation accessories division (integrated mold, metallurgical mold, magnetic material mold, optical evaporation boat and non-standard precision mechanical parts processing automation accessories, etc.) and (4) international trade, a total of four major fields, to provide customers with competitive product design, technology research and development, manufacturing and marketing services, is a trustworthy" Guangdong High-Tech Enterprise ".

It is the first company to adhere to the business philosophy of "steady operation, pioneering and innovation, all rivers in the sea, win-win cooperation and create the future together". It has a core team with excellent technology, rich experience, courage to innovate and fight hard. We have been focusing on product technology research and development, and have more than 30 "invention patent certificates" and "utility model patent certificates" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office ".

On the basis of possessing core technologies, we have introduced sophisticated high-end numerical control production equipment, insisted on independent research and development and innovation of core technologies, and scientific, rigorous and high-quality production management processes to ensure product quality. We always insist on taking customers as the center and strivers as the foundation. Through unremitting efforts and pursuit, we can reduce costs, improve production and efficiency, realize innovation and continuously create value for customers.

Through more than ten years of operation, it has gradually formed "one vertical and one horizontal, cross and steady development", and "one vertical" means R & D center, Operation Center, the production center and marketing center are the "four service centers"; One horizontal line means the consumables division of precision welding and winding machine, the automation accessories and mould division, rare metal precision processing division is "three major development areas". It provides a broad development space and platform for fully serving customers and employees of the company to realize self-value, it has built the cornerstone and Bridge of development for 5G era to realize "One Belt and One Road" and jointly build "Great Chinese Dream.

Company yearbook


  • Integrated mold, highly recognized by the market, has reached cooperation with many listed enterprises.


  • In 2020, the complete set of welding head equipment will be officially listed and mass-produced, which means that the company has officially entered the complete equipment supplier sequence in the electronics industry manufacturing field and has entered the stage of comprehensive development


  • In 2019, started to develop welding head power equipment, and cooperated with Molex, the world's largest product provider in the connector industry


  • In 2018,Upgrade the key parts of NiTTOKU inductor production equipment for customers. This year, we also worked with MICROGATE


  • In 2017, the company was rated as a high-paying technology enterprise in Guangdong Province. Diamond welding heads have gradually matured and been popularized. Cooperate with Sunlord, an electronic component manufacturer for global high-end customers.


  • In 2015, developed pulse hot pressing equipment and upgraded new special welding head technology


  • In 2014, entered the field of non-ferrous metal product production, molybdenum boats, tungsten boats and other products went on the market and officially started international trade


  • In 2013, the welding head developed to IC, motor, electric light source, relay, LED, sensor, connector and many other industries, and cooperated with the world famous company FCI


  • In 2012, developed the welding head inductor industry, and cooperated with CHILISIN, a few manufacturers in the world that can provide a full range of inductor components


  • ShouChuang company was established and launched welding head products


  • R&D and processing of core precision parts


  • Set up a processing plant to engage in the production and processing of the hardware industry
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