What should we do if there is a broken wire in the molybdenum boat?

issuing time:2021-08-06

Broken wire related to molybdenum boat wire

  1. Broken wire related to molybdenum boat wire
  • Increasing the tension of the molybdenum wire can reduce the effect of wire vibration, and then improve the accuracy and cutting speed, and significantly reduce the wire breakage. Generally, it is considered that the tension is 12-15N.
  • The increase of the wire speed is beneficial for the molybdenum wire to bring the working fluid into the discharge gap of the larger thickness workpiece, and to ensure the elimination of electro-erosion products and the stability of discharge machining. But, if the wire speed is too high, the molybdenum wire will vibrate severely, which will damage the stability of the processing, and the processing accuracy and surface roughness will become worse, and it is easy to cause wire breakage. When the wire speed is too low, the wire is also easy to break because of the large loss. Based on past experience, generally less than 10m/s is appropriate.

Broken wire related to the guide wire structure. 

  1. Broken wire related to the wire conveyor
  • The inner and outer circles of the wire transport drum are different from the axis, unbalanced inertia will occur, and it is easy to overlap the wire during work and cause the wire to break.
  • The shafts, bearings and other parts of the wire feed roller often have gaps due to wear, which can easily cause wire flutter and lead to wire breakage.
  • If the high-frequency power supply is not cut off during the reversing of the wire-carrying drum, it will cause the molybdenum wire to burn in a short time due to the high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the travel switch at the back of the wire-carrying drum is malfunctioning (whether the relay that controls the high-frequency is damaged).
  • It is necessary to adhere to the flexible rotation of the wire-carrying drum and the guide wheel, otherwise it will cause the vibration of the wire guide system and break the wire when working back and forth.
  • It is necessary to adjust the limit stop at the back end of the good luck wire barrel to prevent the wire from breaking out of the limit stroke and breaking the wire.
  • The machine should be stopped shortly after the change of direction to prevent the wire conveyor from damaging the transmission parts and breaking the molybdenum wire due to inertia overtravel.
  1. Broken wires related to guide wheels and conductive blocks
  • If the guide wheel and the conductive block are grooved due to wear, or the gap occurs after the guide wheel bearing is worn, it is easy to cause the molybdenum wire to vibrate and break the wire.
  • Make sure that the molybdenum wire and the conductive block, the workpiece and the work surface are in good contact, otherwise the negative electrode of the high-frequency power supply cannot be connected to the molybdenum wire or the touch will be poor.
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