How to low pressure casting of Haba head

issuing time:2021-08-12

Haba head is a very common way to upgrade automobile wheels is to use aluminum alloy wheels, or choose larger wheels to improve the function, function and appearance of the car.


Aluminum alloy wheels are available in 1-piece, 2-piece and 3-piece types. The two-piece types is welded or nailed by one inner part and one outer part. Cast pasts are used for the 3-piece aluminum hub. The 3- piece structure provides greater flexibility for small batch production.


Haba head directly depends on its production skills. Low-pressure casting is a relatively basic method and also a relatively economical method. Low pressure casting is to cast the melted metal in a mold form and harden; Back pressure casting is a more advanced casting method. It use a strong vacuum to suck metal into the mold, which is conducive to maintaining a constant temperature to remove impurities, there are no pores in the casting and the density is uniform, and the strength is high; The manufacturing process of high back pressure die casting(HCM) produces a nearly casting effect. The RX/RY(standard from 381 508mm) series aluminum wheels of the famous German manufacture BBS are made by the HCM method. Casting is better for making wheels. The skill of pressing an aluminum ingot into a wheel hub under the pressure of 6000t while it is hot. The strength of this wheel is 3 times that of the general aluminum wheel and it is also 20% lighter; Roll forging(also called die forging) is a kind of casting, in which the blank of a wheel hub is cast into shape during rolling. Roll-forged wheels can greatly reduce the thickness of the material while maintaining sufficient strength. This is a relatively high level of wheel production. The RSH series of BBS is roll-forged.


Generallythe wheel hub of the general model is less considered in appearance, It is a basic requirement that Haba head dispersion is good. The process basically uses baking varnish, that is, spraying first and then the electricity cost is relatively economical, and the color of the wheel hub remains unchanged. The surface treatment process of wheel hub of many Volkswagen models is paint. Some fashionable and dynamic colored wheels also use paint skills.This type of wheel hub is moderately priced and has complete standards.


Although the electroplating sliver and Water plating wheel are bright and vivid color, the persistence time is short, so the price is low. The color of pure electroplated wheels persists for a long time, with high quality and high price. Mid-to-high cars such as Guangben and Audi mostly use pure electroplated wheels, and the price is higher.


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