Maintenance of diamond welding tip

issuing time:2023-09-14

In order to maintain good welding quality, diamond welding joints also require maintenance. The preferred method is to rub once on the grinding stone after 10-20 times of welding to ensure that the oxide at the top of the welding head is removed. Secondly, if oxides appear on the welding head that cannot be removed by the grinding stone, the following actions need to be taken:

When cleaning, it is necessary to use a copper wire brush to brush away the dirt on the surface of the welding head. it cannot be brushed with a steel wire brush to avoid scratching the surface. After brushing, use a cloth dipped in grinding paste to polish. If the surface dirt has a hard texture, brushing directly may scratch the surface. At this point, the welding head can be taken down and placed in hot water first, and then the dirt can be removed. However, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the punch is wiped dry in a timely manner to avoid rusting. 
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