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First of all, before purchasing a centering spot welding head, we must first confirm the qualification of the company. Is it a well-known company in the country, and how about its qualifications? How about user reputation? Second, why can the company produce a high-function and high-quality welding head for users? It is necessary to confirm whether the company’s resources have strong technical support, and it can generally operate stably for more than ten years. Third, the product functions and functions are stable. For companies with a renewal rate of more than 95% of the used customers, the product functions will not be bad! Fourth, the product price is transparent , and there is no arbitrary charge. The good ones are too expensive, and the cheap ones are not good. Therefore, we must measure the cost-effectiveness of the product, equal configuration, and the same function. Basically, the price plays a decisive role. Fifth, after-sales service, whether the after- sales service can achieve 7*24 hours customer service +technical service, timely service in place. Users will be at ease.
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