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Evaporation boat
The temperature and pressure match evenly and the point-to-point contact is stable

Optical evaporation boat

Selection of materials, reliable quality, very accurate resistivity, uniform temperature and pressure matching, stable point-to-pole contact
The first company can design and process various evaporation boats (molybdenum boats, tungsten boats) and other rare metal products for vacuum coating according to customer requirements. Product processing adopts the process of minimizing internal stress to reduce the damage to the product during processing and increase the service life.
Main features

Density: ≥10.2g/cm^3

Model: 361,364, MO1, TZM, MLa

Standard: ASTM B386-91, GB/T3876-83

Purity: ≥99.95%

Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, alkaline washing, shearing and riveting.

Molybdenum boat high melting point (2610°C)/ Tungsten boat high melting point (3410°C)

Low thermal expansion rate, high thermal conductivity, low vapor pressure, excellent corrosion resistance to molten metal and glass

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Main features Thermodynamics Electrical Optical
Element symbol: Mo Melting point: 2610°C Conductivity: 34% IACS at 0°C Reflectance: 46% at 500 nm, 93% at 10,000 nm
Atomic number: 42 Boiling point: 5560°C Resistivity: 53.4 nΩ·m at 20°C Color: silver white
Atomic weight: 95.94 Specific heat: 0.276 kJ/kg x K at 20°C Thermal EMF: 1.45 mV (compared with platinum), 0 to 100°C  
Density: 10.22 g/cc at 20°C Latent heat of fusion: 270 kJ/kg (estimated value) Electrochemical equivalent: valence 6, 0.1658 mg/C  
Compression rate: 36 micron 2/N at 293°C Thermal conductivity: 142 W/mx K at 20°C    
  Heat of combustion: 7.58 MJ/kg Mo    
Molybdenum has excellent properties: high melting point, high creep resistance and low thermal expansion. By adding other metals to generate molybdenum alloys, these properties are significantly enhanced. According to the user's application environment and operating temperature, TLWM can provide users with suitable pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloys.
In the absence of oxygen, molybdenum has excellent corrosion resistance to various acids, metal liquids and molten glass. Within 1100°C, molybdenum is relatively stable in hydrogen, ammonia and nitrogen. Mainly used in metallurgical industry, mechanical processing, glass ceramic industry container. Such as high melting point metal sintering molding, fused quartz glass, etc. The molybdenum crucible made by pressing with isostatic press and then sintered in an intermediate frequency furnace is turned and milled. The diameter of the molybdenum crucible can reach Φ600mm, the height can reach 500mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 0.2-15mm.
product quality
The purity of the tungsten boats and molybdenum boats produced by our company is above 99.95%. The process standards and strict quality control greatly increase the service life of the products in the later use.
Product packaging
Our company uses wooden boxes for outer packaging. Tungsten boats and molybdenum boats are all wrapped with moisture-proof paper, and the box is filled with foam plastic to avoid problems during transportation. Using imported materials, independent production, materials and dimensions can be customized according to customer product requirements! It has the advantages of stable quality, long life, etc., and is well received by users at home and abroad.
Classification of evaporation boats
Flat trough boat
Suitable for materials with high wettability
V-shaped tank boat
Suitable for materials with less wettability
Oval trough
Suitable for materials in molten state
Spherical tank boat
Suitable for expensive materials such as gold and silver
Narrow tank boat
This design prevents the evaporation material from sticking to the filament clamp
Steam aluminum boat
A layer of alumina is plated on the surface of the boat body to help evaporate the boat’s corrosion-resistant molten materials
Evaporation boat customization
The choice of evaporation boat (molybdenum boat/tungsten boat) determines the quality of the coating. We use professional customized materials, independent production, research and development and design, materials and sizes can be customized according to customer product needs! It has the advantages of stable quality, fast response time, good electrical conductivity, and strong sealing and permeability.
Application field

1. Applications in the field of touch screens: mobile phones, computers, MP4 and other digital product screens, etc.

2. Application in the field of information display: LCD screens, various LCD screens, plasma screens, etc.

3. Application in the field of coated glass: telescope lens, spectacle lens, decorative glass, etc.

4. Application in the field of information storage: magnetic information storage, magneto-optical information storage, etc.

5. Application in decorative jewelry: coating on watch cases, spectacle frames, hardware, small accessories, etc.

Case glass
Magnetic information storage
Windshield lens
Computer monitor screen
Rearview mirror lens
Mobile phone display
Glasses glass lens
Vacuum plating hardware
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