Product direction
Dongguan Soucua Seiko is a professional production base integrating “Pulse hot press welding machine division”, “precision welding head” and “winding machine consumables division”, and” mold and automation accessories division”, high-tech manufacturing enterprises in Seiko industry.
The company's patents and applications in the field of pulse welding are extraordinary in the industry.
The positioning of each plate is clear and the key points are outstanding. It not only bases itself on the profession, but also works together to make progress.
Pulse hot press welding machine division
Welding head & winding machine consumables division
Mold and automation accessories division
Global strategy

Through more than ten years of operation, it has gradually formed a "supporting service system" with steady development of "one vertical, one horizontal and Cross". "one vertical" means R & D center, Operation Center, the production center and marketing center are the "four service centers"; One horizontal means pulse hot pressing precision welding equipment division (Semi-Automatic hot pressing spot-welder, three-axis platform semi-automatic Hot Press welder, etc.), precision Welding head and winding machine consumables division (spot welding head, hot pressing welding head, Haba head, fixed sheet, activity template, etc.), mold and automation accessories division (integrated molding mold, metallurgical mold, magnetic material mold, optical evaporation boat and non-standard precision mechanical parts processing automation accessories, etc.) are "three major development areas". It provides a broad development space and platform for fully serving customers and employees of the company to realize self-value, it has built the cornerstone and Bridge of development for 5G era to realize "One Belt and One Road" and jointly build "Great Chinese Dream.

Over the years, our products have been favored by "many foreign electronic industry manufacturing enterprises and world-famous enterprises"! From the practice of overseas resource integration, "the first Seiko" summarizes the five basic principles of enterprise internationalization, namely, the new international posture of "tolerance, sharing, responsibility, rules and dancing together, it has won the recognition of the international community.

At present, we have conducted in-depth cooperation with customers in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, which are distributed in China, the United States, Russia, South Korea, India, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, czech Republic, Ecuador, Europe and other countries. The first Seiko will continuously strengthen the construction of overseas trade platforms, closely focus on the national "The Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, integrate the international development of enterprises into the national strategy, broaden the scope of going out and plus-sized the depth of operation. Actively promote and enhance overseas business and services to win higher customer loyalty.

United Kingdom
Dongguan Shijie the first head office
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Singapore Office
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After-sales service
SOUCUA always adheres to customer needs as the center, upholds the service concept of "achieve value, grow with customers", and is committed to making products and services the company's core competitiveness
Win Win
Sincere cooperation and cohesion of strength are the foundation for an enterprise to continuously develop and innovate and shape the vitality of its brand. Actively seeking win-win cooperation,SOUCUA directly or indirectly cooperates closely with world-renowned companies to create many good results
  • BYD

  • Qihong

  • Puth


  • Huawei

  • Sunny Optoelectronics

  • Skyworth

  • KTC

  • Delta

  • Samsung

Global agency
The product and service network covers more than 60 countries and regions, guaranteeing to provide every user with the best quality service, as well as providing a full range of product and technical support and services for agents and franchisees. We will continue to work hard together for a win-win future .
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