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Powder metallurgy mold
Imported materials, multi process precision micromachining

Integrated mold

Imported materials, multi process precision micromachining
"Dongguan Shouchuang Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd." provides customized non-ferrous metal precision processing services.equipped with Japanese Seibu, Beijing Jingdiao, Suzhou Hanqi and other brands, and has 6 CNC, 16 slow, medium and fast wire walking machines and more than 10 grinding machines, The company has fully passed the certification of GB, iso9001:2015 and t19001-2016. It is the direct supplier of listed enterprises such as qilixin, shunluo, kalmaster and maijie in the field of electronic technology.
Product introduction

Selected imported materials as raw materials;

The machining accuracy can reach ± 0.003mm;

The surface finish can reach Ra0.01 μ m;

Machining tolerance of cavity and core ± 0.003mm;

The speed can reach 50000 rpm;

It can process precision molds that meet the needs of the mold industry.

Technology and quality

5 experienced engineers, more than 10 years of engineering design experience; 10 technicians, more than 8 years of production and processing experience, which can meet the personalized needs of customers and ensure the accuracy and quality of precision parts; Quality inspection team, full-scale 100% inspection to ensure that products meet customer requirements.

Mold drawing
Copper processing
Cavity Copper processing
Mold full set of copper treatment
Wire cutting
CNC engraving
Mirror discharge
Mirror mold
Precision grinding
Punch semi-finished
Quadratic element detector
Hardness detector
Mirror display
Mold application
Application stability
View of quality and beauty
Imported materials,
multi process precision micromachining,
Committed to the intelligent era and improving energy and efficiency.
Product display

Professional production and processing molds: inductor integrated molding molds, powder metallurgy molds, magnetic material molds, etc.

High precision micro machining, excellent machining, long service life, strong wear resistance and very low tolerance.

According to customer's equipment requirements, we can independently produce and design molds, and process and customize according to drawings and samples.

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